Semi-automatic corker for straight natural corks.

Semi-automatic corking machine in stainless steel.

Mechanical corker machine with buttons working, automatic corks distribution trough an hopper and pneumatic bottles lifting.

Hardened and rectified steel jaws and bronze trolleys, obtained by numerical control machines and working centre, which guarantee a perfect interchangeability.

Electric panel equipped with commands and protections according with CE norms.

Mounted on wheels.

Suitable for:



1,000 bottles/hour (0.15 US gal lqd bottles)


Bottles from 0.08 to 0.42 US gal lqd

Corks Ø 0.94-1.1 in, height 1.37-1.96 in


25.6 x 21.7 x 76.8 inches

(length x depth x height)


331 Lbs

Power supply

220/400 V - 50/60 Hz

Data sheet (PDF 471 KB)

PG2010 - Semi-automatic corker for straight natural corks. For Wine.

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